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Radically redefining everything I've ever been taught or assumed about my body. How it gives me worth, indicates my deservedness for love, and marks my worthiness for social acceptance. It took me 27 years to love myself, how long will it take you?

"I know you think your opinion on my appearance matters, because you’re a male who feels entitled to comment on women’s appearances, but my self acceptance doesn’t depend on how many men want to fuck me."


All the bodies. #BoPo

I need this framed above my scale

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I love this movie so hard.  Perhaps one of my first recollections of body positive messaging. (To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar)
Sometimes I don’t realize how wrong my thinking is until it shows up in my daughter.  I have to actively reassess the messages given to me by family, the media, my culture, before they are imprinted on the next generation.